Working From Home: The Remedy For Nature?

In the past two years of the pandemic, humanity has been faced with strenuous trials and harrowing hardships. From the spread of the virus, to the periods of lockdown, to the tragic lives lost over the past few years. 

With the trials and tribulations humankind faced… was there a silver lining?

Look to the skies of New Delhi, Wuhan, London, Madrid, and others as their air was depleted of smog. Let it benefit your SEO strategy while also understanding the limited ways it can cause potential harm.

Carbon and Greenhouse Gas

As a remote worker and telecommuter, it’s obvious that making the morning and evening commute is practically nonexistent. While still having to make the drive. To run errands, not having to sit in bumper to bumper traffic for hours on end reduces spending not only phone lists for sale time and money, but also your carbon footprint. 

The logic may seem as easy as 1 + 1 = 2. No commute + No running vehicle = Less greenhouse gas emissions. But have you ever thought about expanding a single person’s actions to a global scale? Or even your own country?

Fossil Fuels

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