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 The vulture disappeared from the Bay Area in 1915 and did not return until recent years. [121] In the 1980s, the Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group and the San Francisco Zoo began to reintroduce the species into the area, importing birds and eggs from Vancouver Island and northeast California, [122] There are now 19 couples who nest in eight of the nine counties in the Bay Area.121] Other species that have disappeared but have returned to the Bay Area include Swanson Eagles, White Oriss and Fish Eagles.

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[121] Hermann seagull and double-crested cormorant and western   new database  seagull on the coast of the headland country In 1927, the zoologist Joseph Grinnell (Joseph Grinnell) wrote that the fish eagle is a rare visitor in the San Francisco Bay Area, although he noticed that there were two broken rooons of the redwood tree along the Russian river.123] In 1989, the fish eagle reproduced in the southern part of the Bay Area on Lake Kent, although it was noted that the fish eagle further extended its activities south to the Central Valley and the Nevada Mountains.

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[124] In 2014, a survey within the Gulf area found that the breeding range of the fish eagle has expanded southward, and further studies by the hunter horn and Hayward at the southernmost point of the nesting site to the west side of San Francisco found that the nesting site was as far as South of the Los Gatos stream, which  BX Leads  indicates that the nesting range now includes the entire San Francisco Bay. [125] Most nests are built on artificial structures close to areas of human interference, which may be due to the lack of mature trees near the bay.

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