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 [126] Wild turkey populations were introduced by state competition officials in the 1960s and have become a common sight in the East Bay community by 2015. [127] Geology and Geomorphology Satellite images of the Bay Area depict features visible from space. Satellite photos of the Bay Area taken in March 2019. The gray area is a sign of urbanization and represents the most populous area.

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The Bay Area is known for its complex landforms, which is the result of millions of  new data   years of plate tectonic force, because the area is located between the intersections of the two plates. [128] Nine of the eleven different combinations have been found in one county in Alameda. [129] As many faults in the area ( include the migration of active faults and stable faults ), different combinations are adjacent in a complex arrangement.

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As a result, many types of rocks and soil were found in the area. The oldest rock is a variant rock related to the granite in the Salini plot west of the San Andreas fault. They are formed by sandstone,   BX Leads   limestone and shale sedimentary rocks that have raised the seabed. [Volcanic sediments also exist in the 130] Bay Area, which was left by the St. Andreas fault movement, which cut the dive plate and caused the magma to flow to the surface temporarily.

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