The drive, an approximately four-hour video, provides an immersive experience of road driving in the audi a6 sedan. Audi has prioritized vehicle servicing for dealership personnel in australia and has posted the latest official information on its website.

Nikki warburton, audi australia’s chief customer and marketing officer, told cmo that in the frantic environment of the pandemic, they wanted to offer people something calming to help them self-isolate.

“It’s an immersive road trip through the breathtaking australian landscape, a video that not only car enthusiasts can enjoy, but anyone in self-isolation,” warburton emphasized.

Warburton, who has been thinking about how audi’s marketing approach should change due to the massive disruption caused by covid-19, is changing its media channel mix to stay relevant and continue to build relationships with potential consumers.

He Is Also Redefining Internal And External Communication By Moving 27 New Models

In the longer term, to understanw this episode changed the customer relationship with brands and changed the role of marketing through brand messaging, warburton said it continues to look for ways to “Add value to the new normal.”

For example, pr launches and training are migrating to more online experiences and platforms. They are also examining how best to connect online and offline to deliver the customer journey and experience, warburton explained to cmo.

To Be Launched In 2020 To Virtual Environments


With changing consumer behavior and attitudes, it is essential for brands to recognize and understand the new needs of their customers,” she said.

We believe times of adversity provide portunity for brands to test, learn and innovate in the customer journey,” warburton said. But in times of upheaval and uncertainty, it has to be relevant and really uplifting,” she revealed.

Customers seek leadership and validation in their brand choices, so it’s more important than ever for brands to act responsibly to stay connected and relevant with their customers.