Expand Application Of Robot Technology To A Total Of 900 Tasks By The End Of This Year

Lg electronics announced that it plans to add rpa (robotic process automation) technology to about 400 tasks by the end of this year and introduce it to a total of 900 tasks.

The Robot Software Performs The Tasks That Employees

Lg electronics has introduced rpology to about 500 office jobs such as accounting, human resources, sales, marketing, and purchasing from 2018 to the present so that employees can work smarter.

Log Directly Into Corporate Systems Download Data And Enter Specific


In particular, from this year, ‘intelligent rpa. Which combines artificial intelligence and big data.With existing rpa, is being used tpand the business area to which rpa is applied. In addition to simple and repetitive tasks, intelligent rpa can perform higher-level tasks such. As comparison and analysis.

For example, intelligent rpa analyzes the similarity between. Lg electronics’ customers and those subject to sanctions in major countries. It extracts a list of 70,000 sanctioned traders. Scattered and posted on major global sites around the world. Compares them with lg electronics’ traders.And informs them if there are any. Traders suspected of being subject to sanctions.

In the case of existing rpa. It was possible to check only when th

e names of the sanctioned customer and the lg electronics customer were perfectly matched, but intelligent rpa utilizes machine learning techniques to notify even if the customer name is similar.

Rpa is a technology that automates repetitive and standardized tasks that need to be handled by humans with robot software. In early 2018, lg electronics introduced rpa technology to help office workers increase work productivity while focusing on more valuable work.

The robot software also helps to pay for expenses. Used with a corporate card. When the robot. Software sends the corporate card use details used by individuals by e-mail, employees only need to write down the necessary information and reply. Employees can process multiple. Card uses at once without having. To manually enter card usage details into the system.


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