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pportunities to add value to himself and at the same time hone his skills by participating in facilitation from Baparekraf Digital Talent 2021 in the Android Jetpack Pro Learning class. The question arises, ” How is that possible? ” How can Hatta actively fulfill these three responsibilities at once: work, study, and facilitation from Baparekraf and Dicoding? Let’s look at Hatta’s tips. Networking is important “I enjoy participating in many workshops, seminars, open talks. Important for developers! , ” exclaimed Hatta. Even though it is different from the experience before the pandemic, networking in the current online era is still his favorite. He also actively participates in various communities in Malang, his city and also on his campus. 

One of them is the Informatics

Research Workshop community where Hatta has been a speaker on Internet of Things material several times. Because of this community and network, he got references to get work even while he was still in college. “Taking part in the event and entering the community is a real privilege for me , because I can ask anything. “The plus point is, I have extensive connections and whatsapp database from there, I can get good recommendations,” said Hatta. Stay Productive with 3 Tips for Working while Studying. Networking is important Time Management Maybe this is difficult to do. It cannot be denied that sometimes Hatta is overwhelmed and almost gives up when he has to divide his focus between work, studies and scholarships. But because he was committed, Hatta also learned to manage time. “To survive , I have tried and used various tools to ensure everything can be done, starting from techniques such as pomodoro and so on. 

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To avoid running out, one of the mainstay techniques is to create a priority scale and schedule “to-do” activities every day. For example, when you go to college there must be a definite schedule and assignments also have deadlines . It’s the same at work. Because the meeting schedule or deadline is clear, he can prioritize it and set aside time to study Dicoding. When the Dicoding BX Leads deadline approaches, Hatta often sets aside 5 hours to study every day. But if you are busy working on college or office assignments, 2 hours per day studying at is enough. After eight (8) weeks of studying, he finally managed to pass the advanced class at the 2021 BDT facilitation with good grades. To-do list or scheduling applications such as Google calendar and Horo have also helped Hatta to track his daily productivity.

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