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Portfolio Sharpening skills is certainly a must for programmers and developers, including Hatta. Joining the Dicoding platform since 2018, Hatta. Has taken and graduated from several classes including.  Learning to Make Android Applications for Beginners, Starting Programming with Kotlin, Learning Android Application Fundamentals, Starting Programming with Python. In 2019, Hatta apparently also succeeded in taking part in BDT Facilitation in the intermediate Android class, namely Learning Android Application Fundamentals. Continuing in 2021, he established himself to take BDT facilitation in the Android Jetpack Pro Learning advanced class until he finally succeeded in passing the last class in the Android .

Developer learning flow in Dicoding

He felt for himself that studying Dicoding. Helped Hatta to focus and learn more about Android. A field he really liked. “When I took facilitation in the Android . Jetpack Pro Learning class from Baparekraf and Dicoding. I felt happy because the knowledge was really used in the world of work.” At that time, where I work now, we are transitioning to using the Kotlin programming whatsapp number list language. It turned out that at the same time the Android Jetpack Pro.  Learning class also discussed Kotlin, so I could practice straight away. “The material provided by the Baparekraf and Dicoding scholarships is in line with industry needs.”  He has spent 365 hours studying on the Android Developer learning path at Dicoding. Even though he has “pro” status in the Android learning path.

Hatta also doesn’t forget to always

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update his portfolio. He explained, “A portfolio is still important, even if you already have a job. “For Hatta, a portfolio is an important point to see how far he has developed and can apply the knowledge he has gained to his portfolio . “So, don’t forget to always update our work and see how far we have developed over time, he suggested” Closing the conversation that afternoon, Hatta BX Leads also said that he wanted to become a Senior Mobile Developer in the future. Apart from being an expert, he also wants to teach and share in the field he is currently working on and loves. He added that he also wanted to take part in making an impact, aka “impact”, on others, especially young people in Indonesia, to become digitally literate . Hatta’s experience has proven that if we have commitment and believe in ourselves, we will definitely embrace and take on many opportunities well.

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