Adjust Launches’adjust Automate’ A Marketing Automation Tool

Adjust automate has further strengthened its. Marketing automation functions by adding report automation. And rule engine to the existing control center announced in february.

According to the company, adjust automate makes. It easy to create performance reports across multiple apps.Advertising outlets and networks to centralize data. And analyze performance indicators (kpis). In addition, to make it easier to check data. Campaigns can be optimized by directly changing bidding. Conditions and budgets for each campaign on the same dashboard screen.

For even greater efficiency, specific rules can be set to automatically change attributions that don’t meet benchmark criteria to take full advantage of the automation’s power. Through this, the company explained, marketers can focus more on the strategic operation and content of campaigns without losing time in repetitive tasks.

Adjust Automate Provides Control Center Automation Rule Engine


The control center utilizes automate’s api partner. Self-attributed network (“san”) reporting function, to display. Bidding conditiond advertising budgets on facebook, instagram, google, youtube. Twitter, etc. In one dashboard. You can check it and change it. Right away. By checking marketing performance indicators that are closely. Related to app operation, it is possible to focus on campaigns with. The best performance by filtering costs and profits by specific conditions.

Keep high roi campaigns running.And automatically adjust campaigns with low roi to stop.

Functions For Marketers And User Acquisition Managers


By setting specific rules based on kpis and marketing performance goals, the rules engine automatically adjusts each campaign’s bid conditions and budget to optimize campaigns. Campaigns with low roi and ltv can stop spending money.

While communicating freque customers on a daily basis, we confirmed that marketers put a lot of time and effort into optimizing their campaigns,” said adjust korea branch manager jang joon-kyung. We will be able to focus more on the core task of deriving and adjusting strategies with less simple tasks.


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