Adjust Announces ‘automation Guide For Marketers

Adjust has released an ‘automation guide for marketers’ that systematically explains and helps marketers understand the basics of automation.

This guide introduces four types of marketing automation technologies that help marketers optimize operational efficiency by minimizing repetitive tasks: creative automation, budget automation, targeting automation, and bidding. Introducing bidding automation.

We Can See Marketing Automation As The Future Of Marketing

It frees up more time for important marketing tasks, such as advancing strategy or improving creatives.”

The guide divides automation into fourypes, and explains the scope and utilization method for each type. Creative automation automatically generates copy messages for advertisements, applies them to advertisements, analyzes customer behavior according to each message, and selects and uses the most appropriate message according to customer needs.

Budget automation helps marketers achieve target performance indicators (kpis) most efficiently by automatically allocating budgets to each campaign and channel. With start-and-stop automation, which stops or restarts ad bidding, you can bid up on high-performing campaigns and stop low-performing campaigns.

Targeting Automation Can Discover New Potential Customers By Integrating Data From Multiple Sources


Through machine learning-basemation that repeatedly learns, and can set up more sophisticated advertising target classifications. Furthermore, it supports the exposure of advertisements to specific customer groups.

Bidding automation ensures that bids are automatically entered only when the appropriate advertising bid is reach. Machine learning algorithms make decisions based on past ad execution history, relevance of ad copy, timeliness, and season.

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