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Gonzalo. the boy from a wealthy family. even though he is part of that sector of privileg schoolchildren. also knows cruelty and ridicule. Although there are only glimpses. he must endure the abuse to which he is subject by his classmate who forces him to tell him the correct answers in an exam. and later. accompani by his henchmen. torment him by snatching his snack at recess. Although there is a chasm between Gonzalo’s troubles (subject in the school space and upset by the suspicion that his mother has a lover) and those fac by Pro (surround by hardships and with an alcoholic father). it is the brotherhood of suffering that is that brings them closer.

Point of Nausea Had to

The untimely as well as furious solidarity that emerges in Gonzalo. during a school recess. when he violently refuses to hit Pro when the horde of bullies who are holding him captive tells him to do so. is born motivat. precisely. by that sensitivity develop in the face of abuse. . Rebelling against the business database codes of those little executioners means siding with the oppress fellow student. The message. of course. is pessimistic: contact. social closeness. fraternity. between the extremes of the social scale. are not establish by conviction or mandate. but by a chance confluence of circumstances.

Return Again and Again

The school campus is the space in which. on a microsocial scale. the conflict is reproduc that. on the social level. places. side by side. the popular sectors and the progressive wing of the country (at school. the nascent alliance between Gonzalo and Pro) in the face of the conservative escalation BX Leads that seeks to defenestrate Allende (in the school space. his response will be the little children of the aristocracy who reject the “other” with furious elitism). And. thus. friendship is born. That integration that cannot be achiev in the classroom. at school. is achiev outside. on the street. between these two budding friends. The fragile nature of this relationship will only become evident later.

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