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Winner. in 2012. of the Jury Prize for best international film at the Sundance Festival . And this year. Araña has just been releas . a drama that also has as its background the rugg Chilean political landscape of the 1970s. The social framework in which Machuca falls is present shortly after the beginning of the story. The Infante family lives in a residential area. in a spacious house with typical upper-class decor. The plaque of the school attend by Gonzalo. the youngest son of the family. places us in the exclusive boundaries of an ucational center in which English has a mark presence. There is also an aspect typical of the climate of social chaos in which the country is struggling: the speculation of products and the rigg access to them by families like that of little Gonzalo.

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An aspect that tells us about the privileges that money -especially at a time like that – can await the well-off sectors. Tension and conflict do not take long to appear. The space is Gonzalo’s school: it is the initiative that Father McEnroe. an American priest who wants to see the dream of social equality come true in the school he directs. intends to carry out. The means to achieve this will be to incorporate a few poor business lead children into that exclusive school circuit. an inhospitable place where wealthy students will soon let them know that inclusion is a task that goes beyond the simple voluntarism of a good priest. Machuca: if all men could be brothers One of those children is Pro Machuca.

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From the first day he will have to rudely face the onslaught of a hostile space: shouting his name for the third time at the insistence of Father McEnroe. who urges him to raise his voice when he cannot hear him well. will be. to the laughter of his newest classmates. . the prelude BX Leads to his effort to assert his presence there. Pro. like every boy who lives in the marginal area of ​​poverty. knows firsthand the deprivation and suffering of a life beyond the perimeter of the capital. living in the shanties that misery has plac on the opprobrious margins of progress.

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