A New Way To Ask Questions To Google Using Text & Images

Sometimes, it can be tricky to express yourself to Google, right? And sometimes, words are not enough. That’s why Google is going a step further in our direction to do research. The company just announced the Multisearch feature.

This means that, from now on, instead of typing into the search box, you can combine text and images to show the Google search engine exactly what you’re looking for.

How will Multisearch work

For example, if you’re looking for a specific biz list dress but with different colors, prices or sizes, now you can use a screenshot or photo of this dress directly from your gallery, and include some additional text. Much easier, right?

And you can also take pictures of things that you come across while walking down the street, and ask Google to find more information about them for you. A wall painting, a flower, a dress: anything that shines in your eyes.

And how can you be prepared

One of them is obviously: SEO tactics have historically been about keywords. We are talking about finding the way people type questions and produce content to answer them.

Of course, things have been BX Leads changing. Some years ago, we started discussing a lot about voice searches on Google, for example. The way people talk is different from writing.

Google has had its image search for a long time. But, now, it seems vastly improved. You are not just doing a reverse search to find the original source of a photo, for example.

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