Highly Cited Content”: How to Stand Out with Google’s New Update

Last week, Google announced that it will be adding a “highly cited content” notice to deliver results performed on Google Search, focused on highlighting the original, most credible sources and avoiding the lack of context that a story can take as the subject gains wider distribution on the Web.

According to the company, the update aims to help readers find “the most useful or relevant information for a news story”. But how might this update impact businesses, marketers, and SEO experts? Let’s discover in this article.

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The digital world and the information era

From TV news and newspapers, users began to conduct research on various subjects on the Internet – a place where, in addition to informative articles, it is possible to absorb knowledge through websites, blogs, social networks, podcasts, videos, and countless other content formats.

But despite the vast amount of news telephonelists.biz reviews and information (which circulates from numerous different sources) being extremely valuable to understand different perspectives and constructive opinions about a fact, it can be challenging to define whether the information is reliable or not – after all, anyone can produce content and publish it online.

Produce relevant content to your audience

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This point, in my opinion, is one of the most delicate for this new update. After all, ephemeral and sensationalism in the news seem to me to have  this movement on the part of Google – which makes sense, if we are by countless different sources to talk about the same subject.

So, pay attention to what matters: what your audience wants to know, and how you can contribute to making your content stand out. Adding a critical analysis, an interview BX Leads with an expert or even an opinion piece can be the key for you not only to stand out, but also not to be harmed by “more of the same” content.

And as such, it is quite likely that not every topic, news, or viral content is good for your online reputation.

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