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The way WeTransfer sends large files to other users is by indicating the email address of the person you want to receive the file or through a link that it provides. This link is very useful if what you want is for that person to see and download the file from places other than their email, such as WhatsApp or Telegram. What is WeTransfer for. 

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You’re starting to see the email database usefulness of it, right. If you do not want complications, this is your platform, since neither you nor the person who is going to receive the file needs to be registered in WeTransfer , which gives it tremendous convenience. Therefore, compared to its competitors such as Drop Box, Box.net or Google Drive . Do you want to know the tool better? To do this, I am going to tell you now the advantages of Wetransfer and its disadvantages. WeTransfer.

Advantages and disadvantages.

I’m glad you exposed it and people who are BX Leads working on their projects can have this list on hand. All the best!!! Cláudio Inácio. Thank you and I’m glad you liked them. In the end there is always something that we do not do or that we forget to implement. Why invest and that is what these types. Therefore, of posts are for, which always provide some idea for our project. Advantages of using WeTransfer in the free version You can use it without having to create an account. While with Wetransfer you can send up to 2 GB with the free version.

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