Whether or not to integrate a blog into the domain of your online store

Whether or not Curiously, this question is the one I have been asked most frequently over. After that, the last 4 weeks. Since there seems to be a broader audience that may be interested in the answer, I address the topic directly on the blog. For. After that, all those who do not fully understand the problem, it is still worth talking about the value of creating a blog if you have an online store.

Why create a blog if you have an e-commerce Whether or not

Whether or not Why create a blog if you have an e-commerce? Before industry email list answering the “how” it makes sense to answer the “why”. Setting up a blog if you. After that, have an online store gives you several advantages. Position yourself as a reference on the topic : a blog is not the place where you publish the best offers from your store. It is about providing value . After that, through non-commercial content. The idea is not to sell directly but to establish a relationship of trust that is the basis for each business. 

How to combine a blog with an online store of your online store

How to combine a blog with an online store How in many BX Leads topics of online marketing there are no truths but only opinions and experiences . What statistically applies to the majority of cases is never entirely true for you since you are very likely to be above or below. Benefits and dangers of separating the blog from the online store One of the main advantages of separating the store from the blog is the fact of being able to link between the two. 

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