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May even appear to come from the top management of the company. In short, spear-phishing and whaling are highly customized phishing techniques targeted at the business sector. Both seek to deceive people and steal confidential information, but whaling specifically targets high-profile individuals in an organization. How to avoid a phishing attack by email? Phishing fraud is the order of the day and is becoming more and more perfect. Unfortunately it is very difficult to avoid it, so it is best to learn to detect it so as not to fall for it. Some tips to avoid phishing are: Stay up to date on news in cyberattacks and the evolution of new malware .

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Sometimes, it is the companies themselves that notify that they have been attacked on their social networks or by email. Use a good antivirus and always have it updated to the latest version. This will reduce the number of potentially Switzerland Phone Number List dangerous emails reaching your inbox. Configure your email manager well so that it can more easily distinguish between trustworthy senders and those that are not. Sending the communications of the latter directly to the spam folder. Email phishing can be difficult to detect because scammers clone the image of the entity they want to impersonate quite well . However, there are always elements that can set off alarm bells .

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How to detect a phishing attack in your mail? Criminals use emails that are designed to look legitimate , using logos and designs from real companies to make it look like the email is coming from a trusted source. However, they are not always BX Leads well worked and sometimes there are many easily detectable mistakes. As a general rule, all phishing emails have a common element: They include a link to a fake website that looks authentic But in reality it is a copy of the original page , designed to collect personal and sensitive information thus capturing the data. For example, a phishing email could pretend to be from a bank, requesting that the victim click on a link and verify their account information.

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