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Although anyone can learn a lot about Marketing from blogs and podcasts, there are a large number of books that offer valuable content on the subject. We present you a list of 29 publications that you should read to stay updated in your studies. If you are a bookaholic in the world of marketing and you like to keep an eye on trends or you are a person who is looking for alternatives to improve your potential with quality information, I think these instructions are going to be very useful.

Marketing The library of success

This work was released in 2016 and was email contact list written by Brian Tracy. Here, you will find 21 practical ideas to increase your marketing strategies and improve results. In a very practical way you will learn how to increase sales, increase competition, ways to dominate the niche market and amplify profitability. The print version is approximately 648 pages. The objective of the Marketing Dictionary is. To be a complete reference tool. If you are a student in the area, a marketing professional. A publicist or an enthusiast in related areas, this is a work that should not be missing from your personal library.

Implementation and control

This is the book of the famous and one BX Leads of two fathers of contemporary digital marketing , Philip Kotler . We suggest this work because you understand that reading the precursors of that area will clarify how marketing works from its beginning. The good thing is that this title is in PDF format , you can download it without problems and easily. It is worth it, if you want to know about these and other relevant topics, I invite you to read it without a doubt. two professors in that area. 

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