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The option is free for any. The name of this social network in speech , especially. In writing. Since we constantly monitor social networks , I have come across different spellings. In Russian of the name of the social network beloved by all girls , gym athletes , cats , wieners nd vloggers , florists and self taught confectioners. Instagram , Inst , Instar , Instagram , Inkstick , Instagram , Instagrammer. It’s time to put an end to this disgrace. It so happens that in Russia the social network Instagram has many fans , so it s time. To learn how to write the name in Russian correctly.

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How to spell the name of a social network in Russian correctly. Everything is very simple. Take photo editing servies the original name and replace the letters with. Russian ones , according to the rules of transliteration the transfer of text written using. One alphabet using another alphabet Dictionary of Foreign Words Kolev N.G. Instagram  Instagram I told you , everything could t be simpler. The most common mistake when writing the name of a social network is a double m at the end. The reason for this error lies in the heads of Russian speaking people in.

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Russian and English there are words that differ. In spelling by the BX Leads number of consonants at the end. There is often confusion in their spelling , and they are consonant with. The word Instagram , so many people have a false spelling rule for the name of a social network with two consonants at the end Instagram . Here they are , the translator s false friends program program gram. Gram telegram telegram sum sum. But Instagram is a name , so you can t write it the way you want. You ne to spell it out into another language.

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