The Jokes Are Over

The critical situation of the industry and the development of piracy among the representatives of film screening no longer arouses irony in our regular blogger Vasha Dasha. This is a serious appeal to both industry representatives and officials. Everything will be serious today. Because there is a flurry of calls in the editorial office, information chats are torn, endless conversations and persuasion are conducte throughout the day – we discuss the results of the past weekend with cinemas. The general conclusion is to close, because the cinemas were not neede by the state and the audience. With the content that is now in the repertoire of cinema venues. And with the baggage of accusations and threats that are already hanging over this business and its owners.

Pay attention to the information

For some reason, this business was not and did not become of interest to the Ministry of Culture, which is now quite actively engage in the Ivory Coast Phone Number List creation and support of creative industries, including film production. Sometimes interest in the development of fashionable creative clusters in 2021 slips. The cinema is, in fact, the basis for the creation of such centers, but our colleagues and readers did not talk about a single experience of communication between the department and private cinemas on this topic. With cinemas, apparently, now it is “painful” to talk.

It’s like reaching out to lepers in the

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Middle Ages – in case you catch an infection. It’s nice, of course, to report on the victories of, for example, “Dunes” and “Venom 2” in the fall of 2021 in the. Russian box office, it’s no. Like sounding the alarm when domestic films cannot. Raise enough money to support the cinema business. There was a lot of controversy in 2020 about what BX Leads relation and to whom, according to the bureaucratic industry hierarchy, private cinemas have. All owners remember the story of how OKVE 59.14 was forgotten to be include in the decision to defer payment of taxes then. Therefore, they were almost not surprisd when they again did not see their OKVE in the resolution on.

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