The definitive Inbound Marketing Handbook

Will present the most famous types of landing pages below! Capture page The first model is the so-call capture page, a simple type of landing page creat to capture contact data , allowing the creation of a list of leads. For it to be successful, it is necessary to make a counterpart offer , something that is of interest to the potential customer, such as registering for a webinar or downloading an e-book. To access the content, the visitor must fill out a form with their data , similar to the example in our definitive Inbound Marketing Manual : The definitive Inbound Marketing Handbook Pending confirmation page Once the lead decides to fill in their details on the landing page, they will typically be direct to an instructions page.

Which can be expensive for your company

The instructions on this page are very important to confirm your registration ! To avoid false registrations or registrations carri out by bots , which can be expensive for your company at the end of the month (since many databases charge for the number of people register), the person must open the email inbox register, for example, and confirm that she is the owner of it. For your lead not to give up on making this confirmation, the instructions  Latest database on the pending confirmation page ne to be simple and easy to understand ! This way your rewards will be safe and Internet robots will not occupy a space reserv for customers who actually buy! Sales page.

A frequently ask questions section and consumer

¬†The purpose of the sales page is to present a certain product or service in an offer template . To be efficient, it must convince the potential customer of all the benefits of the offer present, making it clear how it can solve the lead’s problems. A frequently ask questions section and consumer testimonials, for example, are a good convincing tactic! All of this must end with a call to action that takes the lead to a payment page , where the purchase will be finaliz! Thank you page The last type of landing page is the thank you page, which is us to finalize¬† BX Leads a conversion . It can be appli not only to a purchase, but also when downloading material, registering or filling out a form.

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