Understanding the essence of building teams to

There is a lot of talk that we are looking to have more time. What we undertake to have time to be with the family, to do what we want. Time that he who is, is. And time that no matter how much we want, we cannot multiply. And time that, if you allow me, is not what we want. Again, time itself is of no use but what we can feel by dedicating time to things that make us happy. TRUE? Would you want a lot of extra time if during that time someone was pinching you (viciously)… Understanding the Well, it depends, there are people for everything. But you understand me. No? Nobody wants time suffering. It’s not time, it’s more happiness. After the laughter at the YMCA I relaxed a little, nothing could go wrong now . 

It didn't matter because

It was super fun and it didn’t matter because those moments are to be enjoyed and the people there gave me affection to bore me… and then I discovered that executive email list it was my fault … Hello again! And now again, it’s nothing like the previous chapter where we talked about why we should create a team to undertake with better results and less stress . TRUE? Just a few days ago I started telling you about my talk at Tribucamp and today, like the last chapter (although perhaps it is not) of a series, I come to tell you the rest. Before starting with the advice, I would like us to clarify some basic concepts , something that, together with the reflections in the previous post, will lead you to the same conclusion that I reached a long time ago.

Understanding the Working alone is crazy 

Yes, perhaps at first it is essential. But maybe you’re wrong. By the way, I may have to buy for the quiz. Hahaha. Okay sorry. The loneliness of my office. Let’s start with that BX Leads image that, to a greater or lesser extent, illustrates what prompted us to leave our previous job . It doesn’t matter if you want children and if your thing is to travel or buy cars. When you made the decision you were looking for more freedom and, above all, more happiness.

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