The report cited crm and loyalty management as the most. In-demand skills in marketing and digital in 2021. In particular. It is expected that the ability to manage and report. Large amounts of data from various customer segments to build. A loyalty platform or retention tool will attract attention. This requires data analytics experience. As well as the ability to turn data into business intelligence and. Create or integrate a crm platform or system into a marketing toolkit, hai explained.

Digital Marketing Professionals With Broad Insights Across All Digital Touchpoints

From social media to app and platform Norway Email List management, will remain popular in the coming year, the report predicts. Among them, the company predicts that the demand for this capability will be highest among mid-sized companies that are trying to drive digital transformation internally as the covid-19 crisis has accelerated digitization.

Additionally, ecommerce managers with the skills to drive results from online sites, as well as know-how around content, product scheduling, digital data and marketing, are another group that will be in high demand in 2021, the report said.

However The Report Mentioned That Not Only Technical

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Capabilities are important, but also creative capabilities. Accordingly, creative and content managers. Who can support brand authenticity and market entry strategies. While possessing copywriting, graphic design, and art direction. Capabilities are expected to show hot demand in 2021.

Meanwhile, the report said that in australia’s. executive recruitment market, innovative top executives. with strong systems knowledge and software know-how will be in BX Leads greatest demand, stressing. that they must understand the relationship between supply chain. distribution and channels. In addition, top executives with a proper. understanding of the business cycle and experience in successfully. managing each stage will still be in demand in 2021, the company predicted.

Nick deligiannis, head of australia-new zealand regional management at hay, said: “As companies seek to get back on their growth path while also addressing the future, there is an increased demand for skills and competencies that are critical to project delivery or business operations.