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And thanks to the incribly creative business cards you can now design. Your card can help your brand truly stand out from the crowd. 51. Handwrite a thank you note or birthday card if it sounds like the post-holiday. Post-birthday homework your mother gave you in the .70s and .80s. Then it.S time to embrace the lessons of your childhood. In fact. In the digital age it.S the handwritten notes and greeting cards that allow you to stand out – especially if you send your handwritten goodies. Accompani by coupons. Freebies or other inclusions.

Producing and distributing

Send a holiday card with a handwritten note to your Africa Email List most loyal customers for the holidays or send a handwritten thank you note with a new customer.S order. 52. Embrace the beauty of the brochure brochures don.T work for all businesses. But for the ones that do work – damn if they work! And. Considering that brochures are increasingly less common. Producing and distributing a trendy brochure captures attention. Spreads knowlge and demonstrates the ability to think outside the digital box.

Advertising that hotel or vacation rental


Slap on those car magnets (no. I.M not kidding) you don.T see car magnets very often anymore – and that.S why they can be so effective. (it depends on your industry. But if you own a hotel or vacation rental in a nearby destination. Advertising that hotel or vacation rental on your car. In your home destination. May be just the tip that would-be BX Leads  vacationers ne. Bottom line: car signs can be very effective . 54. Network and grow your following through a local business card raffle if you have a physical storefront. Chances are you also have your foot in the door. And that means you.Re in a prime position to host a business card raffle – think: of the fishbowl variety with a local gift certificate as the prize – that will encourage more people into your store and your business sphere. Additionally.

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