Once you’ve created it, you need to share it again

If you’ve blogged for a while, it’s not unnatural to have a pile of old posts and backlogs sitting around. However, procrastinating with archiving is the biggest mistake you can make right now. So today we’re here to discuss how to get the most out of all your blog posts, both the newest and the oldest. archive conte Share the awesomeness again Use healthy posting solutions Don’t forget to update your old posts Always classify your posts by tags and categories Don’t be afraid to use archiving plugins Share the awesomeness again . It’s that simple. All your old work, now in piles of posts, links and shares, needs to be dug up again.

Don’t forget to update your old posts

You can reshare them on Facebook or Twitter, or simply share some of their infographics on Pinterest. This is a very important step to reach your old audience and create a new fan base by sharing useful content. You can also create Cameroon Phone Number List follow-up posts before re-sharing… A very easy way to generate interest in an old post in addition to re-sharing is to create follow-up posts. For example, if one of your posts received an incredible response from your audience, you should immediately take the opportunity to create a new post with elements from the old post. Following is an effective way to allow readers to rediscover popular old posts and gain a lot of popularity. Use healthy posting solutions Create an email list of your old followers and don’t forget to remind them of the jewelry they found on your website.

Always classify your posts by tags and categories

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It’s a fairly simple process where you can manually add a bunch of your loyal followers and readers to a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly BX Leads mailing list. Emails usually contain links to old and new posts, which you have complete freedom to choose. This is a really great way to share old content and drive traffic to your blog archives. SEE ALSO: Five BiggesMistakes Bloggers Make » Don’t forget to update your old posts This is a super easy way to attract good readers to old posts on your website. This is not as time-consuming as it may seem, because a good blogger always knows the content of his old posts. Once these posts are no longer confusing, it’s time to deal with old comments from readers that you.

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