Sas has launched a new service called ‘customer. Intelligence (ci)’ that supports companies’ marketing. Strategies to improve customer experience and brand value based on data analysis. Also announced updates to sas customer intelligence 360.

A total of four new service offerings. Announced this time present a hybrid approach to data collection. Decision-making, and execution to provide customers. With an end-to-end experience optimized for each situation.

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Sas 360 Digital Insight Supports Business Decision Making Through Digital Data Collection

Reports provided by sas allowmarketers to Papua New Guinea Email List understand how customers are interacting with a brand’s digital assets. In addition, real-time changes can enhance brand presence and interactive marketing in the digital environment, improving key metrics such as conversion, retention, loyalty and growth.

Sas 360 customer insight service supports the effective use of large-scale customer data of various types. Marketers can gain insights and accelerate customer experience initiatives through customer analytics of relevant businesses powered by sas.

The Sas 360 Attribution Service Helps Companies Develop Analytical Attribution Programs.

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In sas-led workshops, you can identify digital traffic sources, non-digital marketing touchpoints, conversion goals, and customer data hierarchies, and build a multi-channel attribution environment that provides shareable reports, insight interpretations, decision suggestions, and more. There is.

The sas 360 data activation service BX Leads helps businesses. Connect from digital data collection to third-party activation. Including email providers, campaign management. Solutions, web personalization and content delivery. Collected data is aggregated, cleansed and prepared. To be used to create machine learning. With built-in workflows to recognize events and discover insights.

With new service offerings and updates. To sas customer intelligence 360, an integrated marketing. Solution, sas is helping marketers maintain customer trust and engagement levels. In a rapidly changing environment due to covid-19. Instead of a marketing. Solution with a so-called ‘black box’ problem in which the judgment process. For the result value cannot be accurately known. Marketers can use a cloud-based intelligent.