Adjust is a key mobile marketing trend for 2021  ott and mobile devices growing as major marketing platforms  growth of subscription app services mobile marketing environment changing with the influence of ios14  importance of marketing automation app-centric market selection did.

A mobile device is a platform that allows users to use ott services anywhere on the go. According to adjust’s own research, younger consumers are driving mobile streaming usage, with generation z and millennials being the most likely to purchase streaming and on-demand entertainment services.

While Mobile Marketers Are Currently Using Ott And Increasing Advertising Spending To Acquire Users On The Platform


The subscription app market has grown rapidly this year as users use their mobile devices for a variety of activities including entertainment, e-commerce, fitness and finance.

Furthermore, changes in user New Zealand Email List habits that resulted in continued use of subscription services accelerated the use of subscription apps. Subscription services are driving regular spending among users, with z and millennials showing the highest purchase intention and brand loyalty to premium apps.

According to adjust, consumers aged 25 to 34 spend the most on an app subscription, at $25.8 per month, while consumers 55 and older spend the least at $13.97. More than 25% of z and millennial respondents said they stopped paying for other services to subscribe to mobile app services, such as subscribing to a fitness app instead of a gym.

The Company Predicted That User Attribution Solutions For Ott Will Receive More Attention In 2021

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Marketing automation is currently increasing the speed and scale of mobile marketing tasks, such as reporting, and that growth will continue into 2021, the company said. Marketing professionals have to manage multiple channels, campaigns and advertising networks, which is time consuming. Automation tools help streamline consuming manual tasks so you can focus on developing creative advertising creatives.

This Year’s Pandemic Was An Opportunity To Highlight The Practicality Of Covid-19 Tracking Apps By Country For Both Companies And Consumers. In 2021, More And More Companies Are Expected To Increase Their Investments In Apps And Use Them As A Primary Channel For BX Leads Communicating With Customers. Adjust Recommends That Traditional Companies Should Invest In Apps To Compete With Mobile-centric Companies.