Marketing Innovation Cmos Must Take A Back Seat

Ralph wilden, associate professor of strategy and innovation. At macquarie university in australia, and phytosh haydn.Associate professor at monash university.Published a paper containing these findings. Together with hyper anna, marketing director. At dr chelsea weiss, the paper presents the cmo’s role during a crisis such as covid-19.

These are ‘ navigating crisis from the backseat. In a paper titled ‘how top managers can support radical change initiatives. By middle managers ‘, he emphasized that the action. Companies should take when faced. With a crisis situation is not to cut costs by weeding out middle managers.And through them, bold initiatives. For change can be pursued.

In This Regard This Paper Cites Several Studies That Show That Companies

Meanwhile, we’ve been advised tharketing executives can use these three things to drive change. Sensing (prediction and internal sensing), challenge (encouraging direct feedback and embracing discussion and debate), transmitting (deciphering conflicting messages and communicating upward and downward information).

To do this, the paper suggests, with cmo sponsorship, middle marketing managers should undertake innovation initiatives. “middle managers are boundary-crossing actors, bridging executive and supervisory levels within an organization, acting at key intersections between the firm and its environment,” the paper states.

That Make Radical Changes In Times Of Crisis Tend To Outperform In The Long Run


For a b2b company, for example, the marketing manager is the key interface between the company and its core customers. As such, they ften picked up first in the environment and delegat as first responders in response. The covid-19 crisis is an opportunity to rethink the role of cmos and middle managers in organizations’ radical change initiatives.

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