Marketers Must Transform Into Storytellers For A Better World

Haymes stood on the podium as a futurist at the adma data week 2020 event held this week. He talked about the challenges of the ongoing covid-19 crisis, the factors at play in capitalism and modern society, and the indispensable role of data. He also addressed the challenges and opportunities surrounding marketing. Through the power of data and storytelling, we must create a new discourse that appeals to humanity and the planet in crisis.

In an interview with <cmo> prior to the announcement, haymes talked about the problems humanity will face, future events expected, and the unprecedented disruption. He explained that marketing, advertising, programmers, and the people who control the algorithms would be the agents of social change.

Certainly Data And The Responsibility Of Those Who Handle It Will Be Important


Marketing will be an important industry for text decade. This is a time of transformation for humanity to fully embrace new technologies in life and work as it responds to another viral pandemic and geopolitical conflict. It is data and data workers who will dominate that discourse.”

Haymes and his team are focusing on the discourses around democracy, energy production, climate change, civil disobedience, and more that the so-called ‘new normal’ is being considered to be in the making. However, according to dr. Haymes, these discourses have deeper implications than the ‘new normal’.

In All Fields In The Future Said Haymes


He said, “I think the expression ‘new normal’ is not enough. The key is how to change the way people live and their relationships with each other to suit thw environment and work.” dr. Haymes cited new technologies such as 5g networks, quantum computing, and augmented reality, in addition to the dominance of social media

Gender bias, and propaganda , as drivers of change in the world today . He also explained that cutting-edge technologies such as biometrics, nanotechnology and machine intelligence, as well as blockchain and decentralized apps, will impact communication, shopping, learning and labor. In the field of marketing, he predicted that conversational marketing would come into full swing. Because trust in institutions, the judicial system, and even the institution of democracy has been lost, people are turning to other channels to get the truth. “especially young people don’t look at social media as a source of truth. This suggests that integrity will become very important,” he said.

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