Although on-site conferences and seminars are being canceled due to the covid-19 crisis, companies are still in a situation where they need to find potential customers somewhere.

Companies have found breakthroughs online, which has led to a significant increase in online content and webinars. But companies quickly realized that more than one place was attempting a digital transformation. They also discovered that the messages they conveyed online were buried in a flood of content. For that reason, b2b companies that sell high-engagement products are finding it increasingly difficult to capture and retain potential customers’ attention online.

Sachin bhatia, chief marketing officer for lenovo’s asia pacific data center group (lenovo dcg), faced the same situation. As lenovo dcg sells high-end computer infrastructure to large corporations, it needed to strengthen its connections with potential customers. Specifically, customers planning to increase their infrastructure investments to support their digital transformation initiatives were target.

Finding An Alternative To In-person Events Without Compromising

In the past six months, most of the content that customers have encountered because of covid-19 has been serious and negative,” bhatia told cmo. It can go down to seconds,” said

Bhatia, who says humor and infotainment (at the heart of online content) are so he thought it was a good time to develop innovative content that would entertain and entertain the audience while also making them understand lenovo’s message

After thinking, bhatia came up with the idea to create tech tonic, a comic strip content, because he believed that using humor would attract the audience’s attention. 4,000 people signed up for a subscription.

Competitiveness In The Midst Of The Rapidly Growing Digital Competition Was A Challenge For Bhatia


It’s a comic about software-defined and hybrid cloud products, but it’s very humorous and fun,” says bhatia. It has amassed over 4,000 subscribers in a fairly short period of time. This cartoon provided an opportunity to expand our thinking.”

He continued, “The cartoon combines humor and information and resonates with the audience. It shows the daily life we ​​face in the office, the challenges we often face, and how we eventually solve them.