Green Screen in Your Instagram Story

Resize the text box if necessary. Photo of kitsilano pool with hidden hashtags and mentions. Express yourself with even more fonts. The standard instagram story fonts are just the tip of the typographic iceberg. If the in-app typewriter or comic sans-knockoff lettering isn’t doing it for you, find something more exciting to paste in.
Head to the instagram fonts generator website on desktop or mobile. Type in your message and hit enter to see your font options. Copy the message and paste into the instagram story text box. Pro tip: if you have a branded font, add your text right to an image with photoshop, over, or another image editing app, and then upload to stories from there.

Make You the Best Story-Teller in Town

Layer text to add a shadow effect. For text that pops, try this double-up trick. Type out your text, then select all and copy. Start a new text box and paste in that text. With text still selected, click the rainbow wheel at the top and choose a b2b leads different color. Shift that text ever so slightly and layer underneath the original text so it looks like a shadow effect.
Wonderment shadow effect layered text. Change text alignment in seconds. Put your tinder skills to good use here: a quick swipe of the text will spice things up and shift things left, right, or back to center in a snap.

There Are Almost Too Many Features

How to do it: as you’re typing, quickly swipe to the left or right to realign. Turn your story into a shopping spree. If you’ve got an instagram shop, you can tag your one product in each instagram story with a product sticker.

When shoppers want to BX Leads learn more about that cool hamster-print vest, they’ll just click on the sticker and head to your shop to begin their digital shopping spree. Learn how to set up your instagram shop here.

Build your instagram story and tap the sticker icon. Select product. Choose the item from your product catalog. Customize the product sticker to suit your brand. Silk button-down cami tagged product on instagram shop

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