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I’m at a loss, dear editor. However, so is the editorial. Or even more interesting. A drop in economic activity may force the authorities to ease pressure on Facebook and Instagram, which are banned in Russia: due to the blocking of these networks, many self-employed people have lost a significant share of their income. Only the self-employed or something, I thought, who pay taxes at 4%. And the rest, who advertised there and paid taxes in full, they are not, are they not the most affected or what? According to the (who else are they, sorry), by June, the share of Facebook users (owned by Meta, recognized as an extremist organization in the Russian Federation) among.

Russians was reduced by

A factor of three, and Instagram (also owned by Meta) by more than five times. Obviously, the restrictions imposed and the subsequent Finland Phone Number List blocking of networks played a role. Experts say that the mass reorientation of the audience to domestic analogues of social networks has not yet happened. Okay, it didn’t happen here. Does this happen to anyone else, not only to cinemas? Maybe domestic social networks need to somehow entertain visitors, with face painting, for example? This means that the business that developed on the now banned sites has either noticeably shrunk or been completely destroyed.

Thus, obviously

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The most negative forecasts are beginning to be justified. According to one of them, as a result of blocking Instagram in Russia, 67% of social network users will lose their income. As noted, both bloggers who make money on the social BX Leads network through advertising, as well as self-employed users or individual entrepreneurs: tutors, lawyers, photographers, etc. (about 35%) will lose income. Who is so brave allowed himself to note such important facts? Who is so worried about the income of bloggers and the self-employed that he even decided to speak out against domestic digital cameras? Chief that the cart answers me, he no longer twists at the temple, but simply rolls his eyes. And I told him: here, please, look, I was only indignant.

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