Chinese pirates are also ahead of all the inhabitants

Some streets are patrolled by robots, reminding residents of the mask mode. In Beijing, when a single case of covid is detected, the entire quarter is isolated. Food for residents is passed through a window in a temporary fence. And in Shanghai, quarantine is controlled by drones – from the speakers of the device it sounds that residents should stay at home and, quote, “restrain their soul’s desire for freedom,” writes journalist Janice Mackie Freyer. Such an association happened. I climbed into the Chinese news feed and saw that Chinese cinemas were screaming in grief in this situation, but yes, Chinese films do break records in cinemas. As, however, of the planet with downloading.

Hollywood content

However, if it is American films that impede the development of patriotic cinema, now almost two months have passed since they were absent. You can see the results of the work of Russian paintings, which are posted in the public Kazakhstan Phone Number List domain in the UAIS. Come in who wants to. By the way, some local regional ministries of culture are happy to come and report in the local media, for example, about the fees in Omsk for more than 1 million rubles for the painting “Brother”. This is a great result, but let’s be honest, for one cinema or for all cinemas, who worke for them in the Omsk region?

 The next question

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why then do they not brag about the results of other films that were at the. Box office after Brother, for example, Stalker, Ivan’s Childhood? How can a private cinema, which has obligations for rent, wages, taxes, exist with such excellent economic results? Okay, let’s fight abundance. Because further Burlyaev note that only the best foreign films BX Leads should go to. Russian cinemas, and domestic directors should comply with the state ideology when working on films. The question is, what does “exclusively the best foreign films” mean? Here are the signs of such paintings, I ask the Chief. Silent. I understand him, to whom “Temptation” is a masterpiece, and to who.

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