As a result, many marketers began looking into other data sources that they already owned but had not been able to effectively utilize. This includes unstructured customer data from various channels, including contact centers.

There is a growing interest in gaining more insights from unstructured natural language data,” coles said.

Meanwhile, the new world requires more ‘subject expertise’ to create models that reflect reality and help inform judgments about investment adjustments. “Data science hasn’t changed,” says john price, executive director of dentsu analytics. However, we argued that any data model should make decisions in context in terms of business and domain. Over the past few months we have been faced with having to ignore the results of our data model. “Don’t rely on data science alone without context in terms of business and domain.”

Pay Attention To How’ And Where’ Data

Although corona 18 has broughout great changes, there are many behavioral patterns that have great ‘resilience’. According to steve philpotts, chief data quality and targeting officer for experian australia/new zealand, many data points remain the same.

To understand the extent to which change affects data, you need to understand the data you use to make decisions. For example, is it stable or liquid? To what extent does the business model depend on the behavior of people? We have to consider these things,” he said.

Take the clothing retail industry as an example. People still value their appearance, and will continue to do so. Children’s clothing retailers continue to target parents with children, while women’s clothing brands target women of a certain age. The data that tells us who our customers are is fundamentally unchanged.

The Data Companies Need To Consider Now Are How’ And Where


It’s a story about how people shop in the new normal, and where you need to place your products, whether it’s a select shop in a busy location or a shopping center in a suburban area,” explains phil potts.

Accordingly, it has become importante and judge data quality and accuracy, or whether the data is sufficient. To do this, it is necessary to verify customer center records, implement data collection as part of an engagement strategy, and supplement insufficient information through third-party data providers.