Your Instagram Stories in Advance

Tap the question you’d like to answer, and it will appear on your live screen as you broadcast. Questions will be greyed out once they’ve been selected so that you don’t pick the same one more than once.
Pin a sticker to your video. This is one of the oldest instagram story tricks in the book, but we’re not too big to admit that the mechanics of it have stumped us for years. If you, too, have been longing to pin a sticker, emoji, gif, or text to a specific moment or motion in a video, here’s the breakdown.

Pro tip: not sure which emoji to use in your story? Try our free emoji translator.

Uncover Even More Colors! More!

This is essential: film the video within the instagram story. You can’t upload a video for this trick! We’ve tried! We’ve failed! Make your own instagram filter. You don’t need to be a programmer to create your own custom filter to use or share with the world. Spark ar studio has a ton of tutorials and simple step-by-step tools to help you put your stamp business lead on the world and, more specifically, your followers’ faces.

How to do it: get the full guide to making your own instagram ar filters here. Save your fave filters. You want to have your elf ears filter at your fingertips, we get it. Thankfully, there’s a way to build an easy access library of your favorite effects.

Explore the Slider to Find the Custom Color

Open up your instagram stories camera. Swipe through the filters at the bottom of the screen until you get to the end. Tap the icon of a magnifying glass that says browse effects. Find an effect you like and click the bookmark symbol. Next time you open your camera, that effect will be available to select. If you see an effect you BX Leads like on someone else’s story, click on the name of the effect near the top of the screen to save it from there. Effect gallery library

use video as an animated background. Picture this: a dynamic, moving backdrop for a gorgeous selfie or sick product photo. There’s only one word for this slick combination of animated and still imagery: jazzy.

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