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What competences am I looking for in people? – these do not have to be the qualities you have, on the contrary – you can choose people who will complement you. We recommend Selection of employees in line with the company’s goals Regardless of whether you have an HR department or are recruiting yourself, thanks to these questions and answers you can consciously shape your team. You can also choose the right employee selection methods that will help you achieve the right goal. Types of relationships in the team and the organizational culture of the company Some bosses don’t even know that they can adopt a specific model and shape relationships in the team base on it.

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The basis should be a consciously planne organizational culture. We have already written about this term coine in the post-war years by Elliott Jaques. We recommend The organizational culture of the company – the distinguishing feature you are looking for database In short, it was about equal and fair pay, appropriate relations, a clear division of duties, the ability to influence the shape of the company and correctly formulate goals. In such a model, relations in the team should develop harmoniously. However, it is possible that in your company you have adopte one of the more ruthless models of hiring and selecting employees, the SITA model.


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People who feel pressure all the time and are aware of the possibility of dismissal will not focus on a friendly approach to colleagues or on proposing new solutions in the company. Sometimes marketers adopt assumptions from business courses BX Leads in the organizational culture of the company and are not aware of their impact on relationships in the team. One of such dead ends may be the SITA model (unless you care about constant tension and competition at work). We recommend Sieve model – risky or worth considering? The most common problems in the work team Problems face by the employee team can be identifie thanks to surveys.

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