What is Scraped Content? Can it Hurt your SEO Efforts?

You’ve also checked off the boxes for incorporating SEO features to help you get noticed by search engines.

Now, you wait.

While things can go wrong on your part, such as the usage of the wrong keywords or a bad link, there are other dangers lurking out there on the internet as well that can affect your content management and SEO strategies.

You ay be susceptible to what’s known as content scraping.

Essentially, content scraping is when someone steals your content and uses it as their own.

While frustrating, it can become even if that stolen content winds up ranking above you in SERPs.

What is Scraped Content

Content can be scraped either manually or with the use of automated software.


Manual content phone number lists scraping, however, is time-consuming, And labor-intensive. The thief may simply copy and paste your content for their own use.


What’s more common is the specialty software that utilizes bots to crawl sites, collecting data and information quickly, usually within seconds.


These bots usually send a series of requests in rapid succession and then save the information received from the web server, often copying all the content of a website.

How Can Scraped Content Hurt Your SEO?

Keep it simple to start off with, conduct Google searches for your content.

Enter titles of your pages or blog posts BX Leads into the Google Search Bar, and see what comes up. Review each one.

Next, enter a unique sentence or set of sentences into the Search Bar. Content scrapers may alter the titles but not the rest of the content to throw you off initially, so look for more clues with your actual content.

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