True we still do not understand who has this package

They didn’t even cancel the competition to receive funds to upgrade cinema equipment or organize cinema halls in cities with up to 500,000 people. Only now, independent cinemas and film distribution organizations seem to get nothing from this pie at all. In Government Decree No. 570 of April 24, 2020, OKVED does not specify the activities of film distribution, which means that even the tax installment plan is not provided for by law. Calls to the tax service of several regions confirmed these concerns. We will write letters again. Both in the Government and in the administrative bodies of the regions. And, probably, this technical error, connected with the peculiarity of the preparation of the bureaucratic process, will be corrected in the end.

There remains a more important question

After this catastrophe we will really play by the same rules that have somehow been establishe by themselves lately. Each market participant in his corner. Obviously, with our disunity, we lost to the restaurant and hotel market. Our South Africa Phone Number List esteeme analysts are seriously thinking about the timing of the opening by the fall of 2020. Not because they are afraid that the audience will not go to the cinema halls. Opinion polls today give the opposite picture of expectation, but because, you see, Hollywood should open up … From what we left, we are also rolling.

Russian Federation

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Does not consider that additional support measures are neede for film distribution (as reporte by Interfax). This means that there is content that can be immediately release in domestic cinemas., whose it is, what quality it is. Please BX Leads note that we have been in isolation for more than a month, but neither the. Ministry of Culture, nor the Cinema Fund, nor distributors, nor individual producers – no one has shown this content to cinemas. And it is not clear whether he exists at all. Everything is in its own place again. It turns out that everyone learne from Facebook that our idle cinemas were not include in the text of Government Decree.

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