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Wisdom pills to start the day well sometimes it takes little, even just a sentence, to get off on the right foot. Be inspir by these thoughts from a special newsletter, the 6am review. What if there was a daily newsletter (no spam!) carrying them wise pills to deal with work, or simply life, with the right spirit? A newsletter to read all in one breath, bus or at the stop of the traffic light, in to write a matter of seconds? It exists and is call the 6am review. 5 pills of wisdom every week from monday to friday, over 270.  Small moments of inspiration, more than 400 subscribers thanks.  To word of mouth: the 6am review is the timely newsletter . Of 6 am – or almost – design for early risers like you.

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You who get up early every day and get.   ready to do a thousand things. You who don’t have time to waste, who can’t wait to make your ideas come true., latest database if it is worth it. You who just awake ne positive thoughts. Like the ones you’re about to read, one of the most beautiful already releas on the 6am review. Pillole-di-saggezza keeping positive “keep your positive thoughts, because your thoughts become words. Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviors. Maintain your behaviors positive.

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Because your behavior becomes your habits.  Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values. Keep your value BX Leads positive, because your values become your destiny.” – mahatma gandhi. Lightness “take life lightly, that lightness is not superficiality.  But gliding over things from above, not having macids on the heart.” – taken from a famous publication by italo calvino’s essays, american lessons. “I thought of it as a short and pleasant daily ritual, which does.  Not engage and gives a positive emotion or a new point of view” .  So is the 6am review according to the author francesco favaro. 30 years old, from treviso, francesco is passionate about marketing, communication and entrepreneurship:


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