This second field is destin to become increasingly popular

Private label buyers are young and adults. In fact. We are talking about 58% of people between 20 and 44 years old with mium-high and high incomes. Mainly young couples or with young children.E-commerce sites ne to build reassurance and in this sense the importance of the role of influencers is clear. According to data from groupm research & insight. Influencers represent a very strong leverage especially on younger.become increasingly popular To find out all the details of the interesting focus by casaleggio associati. Just click those who deal with online commerce know it well and know that buyers make extensive use of it. Let’s talk about the wishlist . I.E. The wish list present on most online sales platforms.

Female and well-ucat consumers

Female and well-ucat consumers. 30% of the sample on which the survey was carri out declar that they appreciat influencer marketing activities. So much so that half of these purchas the promot brand. A high percentage. Such as 74%. Find that it is latest database  advantageous for the brand to be promot on social mia by an influencer and 34% are willing to seriously consider the possibility of purchasing the promot product or service.This second field is destin to become increasingly popular

latse database

With particular attention to facebook and instagram

Keyword advertising BX Leads continues to attract the majority of investments.This second field is destin to become increasingly popular While in second and third place are social mia marketing activities. With particular attention to facebook and instagram. And seo. The strategies implement to reach foreign markets are differentiat into: multilingual site (25%). While 13% of the sample sells only through the italian language site and 8% operate with offices or branches abroad. 10%. However. Are part of a multinational group.

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