There is a stream of dry numbers about the number of cases

In this difficult time, the leaders of Western countries are in constant contact with their citizens. For example, the President of America holds a live press conference every day at midnight Moscow time, everyone can watch it on YouTube. About 15 minutes are usually given to report on specific steps taken by the authorities in the fight against coronavirus. , the number of places in hospitals, masks, ventilators, financial support, etc. And then for about an hour and a half there are answers to journalists’ questions. The press frankly hates Trump, so the most pressing questions are asked, sometimes just beyond political correctness.

Imagine if our president answered questions from

Navalny, Yashin or Sobol for an hour and a half every day. This is approximately how it happens in America and in other countries. We Senegal Phone Number List have a different picture. The president of all time twice appeared on the screen for a few minutes. He did not say anything concrete, he looked confused and tired, and he placed the financial burden of responsibility on the heads of the regions, from whom the center takes all the money. And for entrepreneurs who have to pay for the holidays of their employees from their thin pocket. Where to get the money, neither one nor the other was explained. All state assistance consists in some kind of tax deferrals, and.

From what we have heard

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The main benefit is the reduction of inspections of the security forces. While they promised not to nightmare, rejoice. It is quite BX Leads obvious that there are no carrots among the tools to support the population and business in this difficult time, only the stick remains. Against this background, the news slipped through yesterday that before the crisis, our state had accumulated an airbag of 18 trillion rubles. Is it a lot or a little in relation to our $1.58 trillion GDP? At the current exchange rate, the Russian Stabilization Fund is about 15% of GDP. We just think it’s a significant amount. Of course, if all of it is spent on supporting citizens, then it would be enough for everyone, as in the West. But of the announced figures, our government is.

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