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Google Tag Manager is The sales a tag manager , that is, a “piece of code” that you include on your website, and from which you can manage Google Analytics, the Facebook pixel, Google Ads… The interesting thing about this tool is that you can send information to Google Analytics about any interaction that the user makes on your website, such as, for example, number of forms sent, phone contacts, % scroll, video playback… We will use Google Tag Manager to implement the Analytics code and measure the number of clicks on affiliate links, knowing which pages users click on and which specific links. Installing GTM in WordPress When we create a Tag.

Our account number The sales we will obtain the codes that we must include

Manager account, if we click on our industry email list account number we will obtain the codes that we must include on our website: tag manager seo We can paste these codes in the <head> and <body> tag of the theme we use (it is important to use a child theme so as not to lose the code added in an update); Going in the WordPress dashboard to Appearance>Theme Editor, and editing the header.php: Another option, if you want to do it in a simple way, is to include it in WordPress using the Google Tag Manager for WordPress plugin .

We must do two things in Tag Manager

Implementing the Analytics code Once BX Leads we have the Tag Manager code on our website, it is time to start implementing tags, in this case, the Google Analytics tag . We must do two things in Tag Manager: Step 1: Create the Analytics variable in Tag Manager In the left menu of Tag Manager, we must go to the Variables section . Then, you have to click on New: We give it the name we consider (in this case, GA-id), we select the type of variable; we include the Google Analytics tracking code; and we add the field to configure “anonymizeIp” with the value true , to comply with the RGPD. You will have something similar to the photo and click Save .

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