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 From time to time I find it, but often I don’t. I haven’t researched Facebook enough to know with 100% certainty if that feature still exists or if it’s gone completely. If you know the answer to this, please comment at the end of the post, thanks! The only way to somehow be able to share content anonymously on Facebook is to register a new user with the name of your blog. I can’t promise if it will work, but you can always try. I run into another problem. Namely, will the administrators of the different groups accept you in the group if you are not there with your own name and picture. Namely, I personally do not accept.

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I have given the only exception, because I think the matter was so well justified. Twitter You can register on new database Twitter using your “name” and your email address. After this, you can write tweets, so in theory you can share information from your blog by tweeting. want to follow you if you are registered there with your blog name… As I have mentioned earlier in this post, it is difficult to build trust when you operate under a “pseudonym”, pseudonym or anonymously. and work long-term. Pinterest In addition to Twitter, you can register your own account on Pinterest using your name, email address and age. Another option is to register with the Google user you received if/when you created a new email address. P way to get information about your blog to the world.

interest is probably the easiest

 with social sharing buttons , and attractive images make people click on the post themselves. By joining various “Group boards”, you may quickly increase the number of readers. Blog lists You can register for Bloglovin with your full name and email address. Whether or not Bloglov accepts your “full name” is another matter. Namely, in Bloglovin it reads like this: How to blog anonymously You can register for the service with just an email address or with your blog’s BX Leads FB user. But then that’s another matter, i.e. are you able to add your own blog to the service. Namely, their terms state that the blog must be written by an individual.

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