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Such an agile approach helps a lot then. What is agile marketing? Done is better than perfect The beginnings of agile marketing Advantages of using agile marketing The State of Agile Marketing report from 2020 preicts that 41 percent. of marketers are already using agile marketing. The rest will soon join them. It’s time to finally explain this difficult concept! What is agile marketing? Buddhists speak of skillful means. Agile marketing is all the rage in marketing. In Polish, it is about agile reaction , but this term better explains volatility, maneuverability or just the agility of action.

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All definitions mention the volatility and unpreictability of events in the business world. Agile marketing is about quickly adapting to changing situations on an ongoing basis. An obstacle is not a problem here, but an expecte part of the process. In the whatsapp mobile number list face of it, an agile marketer does not lose his head and quickly creates a new strategy adapte to changing circumstances. It must be admitte that this is a tactic as if tailore to the present times. Detaile action plans written for a decade ahead – today it is rather a thing of the past.

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Specific steps must be flexibly adapte to new technologies or realities. How well is your company doing in a volatile market? Check how to act effectively and flexibly. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you It is said that in today’s labor market, the BX Leads most successful person is not the person with the highest qualifications, but the one who is able to change them the fastest and adapt them to the new situation. A similar rule can be formulate for marketing in 2021. This explains the popularity of agile marketing. Done is better than perfect One of the most famous Polish business speakers repeats that “done is better than perfect”. This is exactly how the principle of agile marketing can be understood.

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