Guide to achieving high-performance teams in EAD

In most modern organizations, the vertical division between. Management and workforce has been replaced by the valuing of leadership. And a culture based on trust, autonomy and communication, both horizontally and vertically in both directions .

Today, corporate success is closely linked to the way management deals with human talent. In this context, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinspirational leadership has emerged .

An inspirational leader is a person who guides. Motivates and encourages people to manifest their best version . Thanks to his ability to exercise leadership, he manages to gain the respect. Attention and trust of people, thus facilitating the exchange. Of information and the consolidation of an excellent work environment.

Inspire more than direct

And, of course, it tends to encourage work teams to focus their efforts on their. For instance, activities and meeting the company’s objectives.

For instance, Observe that the inspiring leader does not company data need to impose actions or behaviors because, with his guidance, employees feel comfortable and motivated to carry out their work in the best possible way.

Therefore, leading by inspiring people is a more efficient measure than managing through excessive obligations and demands.

Learn more about how to motivate employees by watching the video:

Set ambitious but achievable goals

Ideally, you should define objectives taking into account not only the. Interests of the business, but also the profile BX Leads of each team member, their functions and their history .

In addition, A good alternative is, before establishing individual purposes and goals. to talk to each person to find out their weaknesses and strengths. As well as to understand how they handle themselves during their day, both in person and remotely. Then, you can set ambitious and, at the same time, achievable goals.

In addition, Another aspect that you need to consider is that. In addition to defining individual and group objectives, you need to disseminate them among collaborators. Either by holding collective or individual meetings, in person or remotely.

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