Spotify’s Investment In Audiobooks And Its Impact On Marketing Strategies

Google’s algorithm is changing very often, so every marketer that works with SEO must pay attention to those updates in order to change their digital strategies or create new ones. It makes many companies ask themselves which SEO challenges they will find.


Recently, HubSpot has published a report about web traffic and analytics to know how websites are performing and what they must have to be on the top of search engine results.


Based on the report, we decided to write this article that introduces the main challenges in terms of SEO and how to face them. Are you ready?

Staying on top of algorithm changes

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and marketers must keep up with them. According to Moz, we have had 6 changes in 2022 so far, and 16 updates throughout 2021. 

 an update comes, the way how Google telephone list sees every webpage changes, and this can be good or bad for your content production. In 2020, some websites dropped. Positions on SERP, as you can see in the example below.

A user reported to Google that he had the first position for years and, then, in one night, lost 3-4 positions.

So, the tip to avoid this kind of problem is being on top of your industry. 

Not ranking higher in search results

We are aware that SEO takes time to generate results, but to get them, we must do all our homework. It means every detail you have to do in terms of SEO counts to reach a good position on Google’s results.


Although some websites produce BX Leads really great pieces of content, they forget to do things that look silly, but are extremely important, like:


heading tags;

alt text;

keyword’s best practices;

secondary keywords;

author’s signature;

internal and external backlinks;

build the content based on a topic cluster strategy.

When these points (and many more) are missing, Google doesn’t see the content as good, and your ranking probably won’t be high, especially after an update that takes those points into consideration.

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