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Content Marketing has evolved a lot in the last few years. We started talking about content experiences, digital transformation, Mobile Marketing and so on. In 2022, we can expect some trends in Content Marketing to continue and others to begin rising. But how can you start your strategies this year?

That was the topic by Fernando Angulo, Senior Market Research Manager at Semrush, in his interview for the last Jam Session, Rock Content’s webinar series with the best global marketers. He talked about strategies and processes that every brand needs to set up if they want to get real results from Content Marketing this year.

Good morning good afternoon

good evening, that depends. On where you are in the world. My name is , co-founder and CMO at Rock Content. It is my pleasure to be the host here today.

Our Jam Sessions are a mix of interviews, like the one buy telemarketing leads today, that are going to become podcasts. We have other webinars, always hosted by us. We feature the top Marketing and SaaS experts and innovators.

We have one common theme throughout. We aim to provide advice, share trends and best practices on how to master premium content experiences.

I remember I started the workshop

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So, how can we be more user-friendly and also human to our users when we have so many other people that want to be the same. And I remember that I asked this question to all of them. I asked them: okay, guys, how many of you, because you’re the business BX Leads owners, are buying from your own stores? Please raise your hand. And you can imagine: zero. Nobody was buying from their own stores. So they were expecting to sell to other people things that they are not willing to buy themselves.

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