People and not Google will make your bank account crazy

Is the organic traffic acquired People and quality? Is the client billing more or getting more leads via SEO? In the world of consulting it is clear, but… what about a nichero? Should you work on basic analytics for your niche? Well, dear nicheros and nicheras. I come to try to convince you that it can be useful in your. Projects and to explain how you can implement it in a simple way. Since nicheros, for better or worse. Also have to learn a little about everything. And why do. I say that “it can be useful. Because if you are in an initial phase. Where you barely have any traffic, don’t even worry about this aspect. But, if you are already starting to. I am going to tell you.

Explain how you can People and implement it in a simple way

In this post, we are going to apply it to Hostingsaurio, a hosting top industry data affiliate website that Dean has already talked about on other occasions. The objective is to measure how many clicks are made on affiliate links and from which URL these clicks are generated. Let’s go there! Analytics for niches: Why is it important? When we create a niche with the purpose of monetizing it, there is always one goal: for the user to perform the action we want. Whether it’s a website monetized with Adsense, an Amazon affiliate website or a website to do Rank and Rent , whatever. We always look for the user to click on a particular place.

To answer all these questions we must rely on digital analytics

How do we know how much percentage BX Leads of organic traffic is browsing to achieve our goal? How do we know if by implementing a change, whether in the copy or in the layout of comparative tables or links, we are obtaining a greater number of positive actions? Or better yet, how do we know if the organic traffic we attract is quality? To answer all these questions we must rely on digital analytics. Google Tag Manager as the basis of measurement Don’t be afraid of Tag Manager, implementing it on a niche website is relatively simple. I’m going to focus on how to do it in WordPress.

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