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According to the future shopper 2020 report, more than half of consumers start looking for product information on amazon and search engines.

Amazon was followed by retail stores, social media and brand websites. Newspapers, brick-and-mortar and online stores, and retail applications each accounted for less than 5%.

This was based on online interviews of a total. Of 14,103 consumers who shop online at least once a month by. Censuswide in the uk, us, australia, germany, spain, france and the netherlands in february and march 2020. All.

Neil stewart, global ceo of wunderman thompson .Commerce, said, “one of the drivers of the growth. Of digital commerce is broad access to information, so product aggregation .Platforms such as amazon, search engines and retail sites. Are the best sources of information.

It’s nothing new to be ranked high.”

Early In The Covid-19 Impact

At the beginning of the covid-19 crisis came the fourth investigation of the wonderman thompson commerce report. The report authealed that the findings provide early insight into e-commerce shopping habits and how they may change in the future as a result of the covid-19 impact.

Regardless Of Fashion, One Thing Is Clear Digital Commerce Is On The Rise With 65% Of Consumers Saying


They will personally use digital shopping channels more in the future,” the report authors said.

Often referred to as the ‘first digitxt step consumers take after acquiring product information is search, a field that has long been dominated by google. But surveys have shown that google has been under threat for years. 63% of those surveyed now start their online search for products on amazon, with the search engine being their second most sought after source of information (48%).

Chioma anokuru, senior consultant for wonderman thompson commerce, said amazon has built a very strong position by effectively ‘holding’ its search feature. “but neither retailers nor brands have lost their power. They need to work harder to entice consumers to search for their sites using exclusivity, personalization and targeting,” anokuru said.

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