Learn How to Give Feedback to Your Company’s Freelancing Employees

However, working with freelancers isn’t always smooth sailing. There do come times when you need to know how to give feedback to your freelancers. 

Because you aren’t their direct manager, it can be difficult to know the best ways to go about giving freelancers feedback. It is essential that you do this in order to maintain a strong working relationship. 

In this article, we’ll help you understand why giving feedback is important and walk you through the specific steps you should keep in mind in order to give feedback to your freelancers constructively.

The Benefits of Constructive Feedback

When you deliver these notes to a freelancer, you can help them understand your vision more accurately and help guide them towards the end result that you are looking for.

Giving feedback isn’t about being buy phone leads harsh or hurting someone’s feelings. Some people struggle to give feedback because they are concerned that they will come off as abrasive or rude. 

But without feedback, you will constantly be frustrated with your freelancers and they will be frustrated with you, as they won’t know what they are doing that isn’t working for you.

Understand When to Give Feedback

Knowing when to give feedback is important, as timing is always critical. 

When you give feedback 

too frequently, it comes across as BX Leads aggressive and berating. And if you don’t give feedback enough, a freelancer might not understand how important following that feedback is. 

Giving feedback when you notice an issue or setting up regular touch base meetings where you can bring up your notes with a freelancer is a great way to build a pattern of feedback.

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