Lead generation Capturing leads or potential

Connect them with your email marketing tool Send automated and personalized emails However, below we will see these functionalities and which one is best for each case because there are different types. Why should you use an email marketing plugin if you use WordPress? The advantages offered by betting on a plugin of this type are several. Let’s see some:  customers for a business is the top of the sales funnel . As I said at the beginning, every user who enters your website should at least show interest in you and leave you their email. At that point it becomes lead . What less than taking advantage of all the traffic you receive on your website to convert these people into contacts on your list?

An marketing plugin offers you

The possibility of attracting potential clients in a simple way. Integration of forms with design We must not overlook that for a user to leave Algeria Phone Number List their email, the form must be in a prominent place and stand out so that it attracts their attention. The fact of having a plugin of this type allows the integration to be perfect and does not break with the design or have to complicate yourself with code and programming issues. It is simply to configure four things and that’s it. We will see it below. Of course, you should also offer some sort of lead magnet or resource to encourage people to deliver their email. The possibility of offering special promotions.

Customizing each message based on

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The page the user is on, the time of a campaign or even making specific promotions is also an added value offered by some plugins to BX Leads attract the attention of visitors and capture their email or get a purchase. depending on the action. Without a doubt, this is an added value that improves the relationship with customers and translates into greater loyalty and income. What types of email marketing plugins are there? Before I start talking about them, I would like to separate them into two types: The officers of each email marketing tool Form builders that connect with third parties Those of each tool.

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